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Made in Solingen Messer Kochmesser

Chef’s knives “made in Solingen”?  – The history of German knife making

For decades, even centuries, the labels “Made in Germany” and “Made in Solingen” have been regarded worldwide as a seal of quality and craftsmanship – especially when it comes to knives and chef’s knives.

Everyone has probably heard of “Made in Germany” in particular. But how exactly did Germany become a flagship for quality and tradition and why is the initially inconspicuous town of Solingen the first port of call for so many professionals when it comes to high-quality chef’s knives? We answer these questions and take you into the fascinating world of German knife-making!

Find out here what types of kitchen knives there are, what you should look out for when buying them and how you can enjoy your knife for as long as possible by using it correctly!

Chef's knives "made in Solingen"?  - The history of German knife making