BREADLOVER – Bog oak DLC-coated


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  • Bread knife: blade length 26 cm, total length 40 cm
  • Made in Germany/Solingen
  • Extremely long-lasting sharpness
  • Serrated edge on both sides (very rare)
  • Fits perfectly in the hand
  • Unique design
  • Each knife is unique
  • DLC coating protects the blade


28 in stock

28 in stock

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We developed the BREADLOVER for the love of bread. The double-sided serrated edge allows the knife, made in Solingen, to glide smoothly into the loaf of bread. It sits wonderfully in your hand so that slice after slice can be cleanly cut with little force. The integrated finger protection provides maximum safety in the process.
sharpness and durability are impressive. The design of the MEATLOVER allows for easy rocking movements, while the integrated finger protection ensures excellent safety. It is a real all-rounder in the kitchen.
IMPORTANT NOTE: As bog oak is a natural product, the discolouration varies from brownish to black.
The illustrations are only exemplary.

Additional information

Weight 0,7 kg
Dimensions 44 × 11 × 4 cm

Made in Germany // Available only while stocks last

blade length: 26 cm
blade thickness: 3 mm
total length: 40 cm
weight: 180 g
material: Sandvik steel 12C27 (59 Rockwell)
cut: serrated cut on both sides
finishing: DLC (Diamond like Carbon) coating
handle variant: bog oak


  1. Question: What does a serrated edge sharpened on both sides mean?

A bread knife is characterised by a serrated edge because this allows the knife to cut through even hard crusts and skins – the serrated edge gets its name from the characteristic serrations on the cutting edge.

The serrated edge, sharpened on both sides, on our BREADLOVER in turn indicates a top quality bread knife – it guarantees optimal and precise cutting performance. The extra manual labour pays off because the double-sided serrated edge makes it possible to cleanly cut slices from a loaf of bread with no effort. Thanks to its special edge and its double-sided sharpening, the bread knife is also suitable for both right-handed and left-handed people.

  1. Question: What is bog oak, exactly?

Bog oak wood is obtained from oak trucks that have been refined by nature itself over time – it is therefore not a separate type of wood but rather very old and valuable oak wood. The oak trunks have survived for thousands of years in wild bogs before they were discovered and are now worked to form our ergonomic knife handles after a slow and careful drying process.

While the oak trunks lie hidden deep in the bog for thousands of years, the wood becomes coloured and hardened. This reaction provides the characteristic properties of the wood which set it apart and make it so valuable. The bog oak gets its intense black colour through this storage in the bog and has this to thank for its particularly refined appearance.

  1. Question: What is a DLC coating?

The diamond-like carbon treatment (DLC for short) is a diamond-like carbon coating and numbers among the amorphous carbon materials. It has some of the unique and characteristic properties of diamonds. The DLC coating is applied to the blades in order to further optimise their properties – for particular resistance to wear and for outstanding frictional and non-stick properties.

In addition to the increased resistance to wear, the look also benefits from the wafer-thin carbon layer because the blade becomes an unmistakeable black as a result of the surface treatment. This wonderful black knife blade stands for top quality.

  1. Question: Why is Sandvik 12C27 steel the perfect blade steel?

Sandvik 12C27 is the best rounded knife steel from the traditional Swedish company Sandvik, which has been setting continuously new standards in the steel industry and steel production for more than 150 years. The special Sandvik 12C27 steel stands out with its high hardness and tremendous sharpness, as well as impressing with its exceptional toughness and its outstanding edge performance and corrosion resistance. It guarantees optimal cutting performance and give the knife blade unbeatable sharpness and performance.

    1. Question: What does HRC stand for?

HRC denotes the Rockwell hardness and is the unit of measurement used to define the hardness of knife steel.

A soft blade shows signs of wear more quickly than a hard one, the wafer-thin cutting edge stays sharp for longer and has outstanding durability thanks to higher hardness. For this reason the quality of a knife is significantly dependent on the hardness of the knife steel.

Good kitchen knives – Made in Germany – are generally in the 55 to 57 HRC range. Outstanding kitchen knives, including ours, can even reach 59 HRC – this hardness is achieved by knives made from Sandvik 12C27 steel.

Germancut I made in solingen the city of blades
Germancut delivery in 2-3 working days
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Breadlover - double-sided serrated edge


We designed the BREADLOVER so that it really is suitable for all types of bread.

Thanks to its blade length and its double-sided serrated edge, our bread knife glides through every loaf and allows for precise working and accurate cuts.

Thanks to its exceptional blade shape, its serrated edge and its elegant natural wood handle, the bread knife also has a striking appearance – our bread knife is real manufacturing artistry from Solingen.

When cutting bread, there are some challenges to consider. Hard crusts often require far too much pressure in order to break through the crust with a normal bread knife, and the bread is squashed as a result. Conventional bread knives are also likely to tear soft breads more than they cut them, forming an unattractive crumb. Not so with our Breadlover …


Our bread knives are unique pieces. Our handles made from natural wood make sure of it, making each knife a unique item thanks to their unique grain.

Elegant brownish to black bog oak or expressively light olive highlight the exceptional style of the bread knives.
Pieces of oak which survived for thousands of years in bogs and have now been recovered, to subsequently be dried and worked to form a perfect knife handle, are used for the bog oak handles on our bread knives.

The olive wood, in turn, wins people over with its expressive grain and comes from wild olive trees. Wood is a natural product, and the color and grain may vary. Since the aesthetic of our bread knife is, of course, not the be all and end all, the handle on our kitchen knives is ergonomically shaped and therefore sits beautifully in your hand while working. The handle and the blade on our bread knife are perfectly matched, making cutting with this bread knife a real pleasure.

Germancut Breadlover Brotmesser mit Beschriftungen des Messers
Germancut Breadlover Brotmesser mit Brot und Broetchen


Thanks to the serrated edge of the BREADLOVER, which is sharpened on both sides, the bread knife glides through every loaf and ensures the perfect cut for both left-handed and right-handed users. And it’s not just crusts that the bread knife handles with ease, hard fruit and vegetable skins are no problem for the BREADLOVER either.

Our bread knives are available in a variant with DLC coating. The diamond-like carbon coating is a finish that gives the blade an unmistakable black color. The diamond-like carbon coating on our bread knives also optimizes the blade properties, ensuring that the bread knife stands up to the toughest demands.

The special coating on the bread knife also ensures enhanced resistance to acids, alkalis and extreme temperatures and gives the bread knife high scratch resistance and a low coefficient of friction. Of course, the BREADLOVER is also available as a variant without the coating.

Every bread knife is unique

Once you have cut a perfect slice of bread with this knife, you will probably never want to use another bread knife again.

The serrated edge, sharpened on both sides, glides completely effortlessly through even the hardest crusts, and the ergonomics of the bog oak handle guarantee comfortable handling. With the BREADLOVER, cutting bread is no longer a challenge, but becomes a real pleasure.

Alexander Tonn Inhaber Germancut

About Germancut:

What drives us

„At a time when the price is often the most important purchase criterion and many Asian products are flooding the market, we want to return to the strengths of the term “Made in Germany.”

Traditional production methods for cutlery and chef's knives from Solingen with innovative, modern and yet timeless design – that's what I founded the Germancut brand for. My experience from more than 16 years of successfully co-designing and developing excellent knife products and knife brands are the basis that helps me achieve just that. I would be delighted if I could convince you, too, of true value workmanship - Made in Solingen.“

Yours, Alexander Tonn
Owner of Germancut


Recommended by professionals

DerGrilltyp Yannik Vinke

DerGrilltyp (The grill guy) - Yannik Vinke

"The Breadlover is a great piece of equipment. It doesn't matter if you're cutting a big loaf of fresh bread or a huge head of cabbage – cutting it really 'shreds!"

Yannik Vinke, aka “DerGrilltyp,” mixes up the BBQ scene on TikTok and Instagram - and inspires over 250,000 followers with creative recipes

BigBBQ Oliver Gawryluk

BigBBQ - Oliver Gawryluk

"This is how a bread knife should cut! I have become an absolute fan of the BREADLOVER and use it practically every day.“

Oliver Gawryluk, aka “BigBBQ,” is a “cult” blogger with over 300,000 barbecue fans on Instagram – and an absolute passion for the best products.

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