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Veggielover – Olive


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The VEGGIELOVER is made of Swedish Sandvik steel 12C27 and inspires with its perfect design – the shape combines elements of the classic chef’s knife with those of the Japanese Santoku. The short blade ensures perfect handling and enables precise processing of fruit and vegetables, it makes the VEGGIELOVER a real all-rounder.

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Its blade, hardened to 59 Rockwell, is precision ground and sharpened on both sides. It guarantees the VEGGIELOVER optimum cutting performance. The very sharp cutting edge glides effortlessly through all foods to be processed. The ergonomic handle is made of the finest olive wood.

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Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 44 × 11 × 4 cm


  1. Where does the wood for the olive wood handle come from?

Our olive wood handles come from the wild olive trees in the Mediterranean region and its natural surroundings. Olive wood wins people over visually with its distinctive and wonderful grain which varies from dark to light wood. As a result, every knife handle is a unique piece.

  1. Question: Why is Sandvik 12C27 steel the perfect blade steel?

Sandvik 12C27 is the best rounded knife steel from the traditional Swedish company Sandvik, which has been setting continuously new standards in the steel industry and steel production for more than 150 years. The special Sandvik 12C27 steel stands out with its high hardness and tremendous sharpness, as well as impressing with its exceptional toughness and its outstanding edge performance and corrosion resistance. It guarantees optimal cutting performance and give the knife blade unbeatable sharpness and performance.

  1. Question: What does HRC stand for?

HRC denotes the Rockwell hardness and is the unit of measurement used to define the hardness of knife steel.

A soft blade shows signs of wear more quickly than a hard one, the wafer-thin cutting edge stays sharp for longer and has outstanding durability thanks to higher hardness. For this reason the quality of a knife is significantly dependent on the hardness of the knife steel.

Good kitchen knives – Made in Germany – are generally in the 55 to 57 HRC range. Outstanding kitchen knives, including ours, can even reach 59 HRC – this hardness is achieved by knives made from Sandvik 12C27 steel.

Made in Germany // Available only while stocks last

blade length: 16 cm
blade thickness: 4 cm
total length: 29 cm
weight: 135 g
material: Sandvik steel 12C27 (59 Rockwell)

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