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Shapton whetstones are among the best Japanese whetstones stones currently on the market. With this excellent sharpening tool, your knives will be razor sharp again in no time.
Shapton whetstones differ from other stones in the fast material removal. You achieve a strong grinding effect quickly and with just a few strokes.

13 in stock


13 in stock

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Unlike what the name suggests, you do not sharpen on glass but on high-quality Japanese waterstones. The tempered glass is used only as a base for an extremely high-quality whetstone.

The stones are not watered, but only sprinkled with a little bit of water. You can start sharpening immediately. Thanks to their homogeneous structure, the stones quickly remove material. This way, you achieve a fast sharpening result and extremely sharp blades. The glass plate allows the stones to be used until the end.

The result is very uniform and even. Sharpening does not result in any major scratches, which must normally be ground laboriously away with a fine grit. Sharpening enthusiasts worldwide therefore appreciate these stones very much. The Shapton Glass Stones are among the best whetstones available on the market.

This set includes a Shapton Glass Stone HR grit 1000 medium and a Shapton Glass Stone HR grit 6000 fine as well as the Shapton Glass Stone whetstone holder for an incredibly comfortable sharpening experience.

It is also particularly important that the rubber feet are non-slip. This prevents the holder from sliding across the work surface.

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Stylish accessories

Germancut I Zubehoer wie Messerbloecke und Messersteckscheiden fuer Messer


High-quality ingredients deserves to be handled and cut with a first-class kitchen knife.

But excellent knives – like our chef's knife MEATLOVER, slicer CHEFSLOVER, vegetable knife VEGGIELOVER, bread knife BREADLOVER and our FAVORITES – also deserve to be stored appropriately and safely.

This is exactly why we have developed our exquisite and practical accessories: the leather sheath for the Meatlover and the Breadlover and the knife block with a simple and particularly high-quality design.


Our stylish leather sheath is made of genuine leather and has an integrated magnet to hold the blade securely.

The shape of the leather sheath matches that of our MEATLOVER and BREADLOVER perfectly – the color also matches perfectly, because the black of the dark leather sheath harmonizes perfectly with the dark color of the bog oak handles and the light leather with the light olive wood handles.

Germancut I Zubehoer Messerblock mit Messern und Brot


The exclusive Germancut knife block impresses with its downscaled design and maximum effect. It is made of solid oak wood, and a steel core further increases the stability.

The integrated magnets in the knife holder are located on all four sides and ensure a firm, secure fit of the knives. The blades can be pulled off the knife block in one flowing movement over the back of the blade and find their way back to their place almost by themselves after use. First-class knives deserve to be presented in style.

The knife block wonderfully matches our handles also in terms of its looks. The knife holder is available in two versions: varnished in natural, light oak or in noble, dark bog oak look. On request, our Germancut knife block can also be purchased directly with our FAVORITES set.

Elegant eye catcher

Storing chef’s and kitchen knives not only safely, but also stylishly – this is the exact purpose for which we have developed and designed our exclusive Germancut knife block and our leather sheath, no more and no less. This is the perfect way to show off your high-quality knives.

Knife-protecting cutting board

The perfect basis for working quickly, safely and accurately with your chef’s knives. Our Germancut cutting board made of end-grain wood is gentle to your knives.
The height-adjustable feet guarantee a firm seat and safe cutting pleasure even on uneven surfaces. Its elegant look ensures a high-quality look in your kitchen.

Japan's secret of sharpness

The secret key to sharp knives are our high-quality Japanese sharpening stones. Sharpen your high-quality kitchen knives with our Shapton sharpening stone set - for an incredibly pleasant sharpening feeling.
It is not for nothing that these stones are highly valued by sharpening enthusiasts all over the world.

Recommended by professionals

DerGrilltyp Yannik Vinke

DerGrilltyp (The grill guy) - Yannik Vinke

"The knife block is an awesome eye-catcher; the light solid oak together with the four DLC-coated knives makes a really good impression!"

Yannik Vinke, aka “DerGrilltyp,” mixes up the BBQ scene on TikTok and Instagram - and inspires over 250,000 followers with creative recipes.

BigBBQ Oliver Gawryluk

BigBBQ - Oliver Gawryluk

"Just like a good grill, beautiful chef's knives must be shown off. For me, the knife block is therefore a really great add-on from Germancut. It looks great, and allows for perfect storage.“

Oliver Gawryluk aka “BigBBQ” is a “cult” blogger with over 300,000 barbecue fans on Instagram – and an absolute passion for the best products.

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