FAVORITES Knife Set with knife block

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  • First-class chef’s knife set made in Germany/Solingen
  • Forged according to the old traditional Solingen method
  • Quenched in oil and „ice-hardened“
  • Excellent elasticity and extreme resilience at the same time
  • Soft-touch handles in unique colors
  • Handles made from special, food-safe TPE plastic or olive wood
  • Outstanding edge retention and excellent handling
  • Knife blocks in the following variants (light oak, dark oak, white oak, black oak)


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Our knives in the FAVORITES series are forged with a great deal of expertise, meticulousness and attention to detail using the traditional Solingen method. We use elaborate processes to determine the ideal blade shape for outstanding cutting results. The knife set is a comprehensive all-rounder that belongs in every kitchen and is an absolute must-have for all professional and amateur chefs who value perfect design, perfect handling and outstanding edge retention. The kitchen knives are made of high-carbon chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel (X 50 CrMoV 15) and their blades are particularly sharp. The blanks are ice-hardened for extreme durability. You can choose between light olive or a special TPE plastic in various colors for the handles.

Knife block

The exclusive Germancut knife block impresses with its minimalist design and maximum impact.
Made from oak blocks with integrated magnetic holders on all four sides.
A steel core stabilizes the stability.
Available in four versions. In light – natural oak -, black, white or gray lacquered.

Additional information

Weight 3,35 kg
Dimensions 9 × 26,5 cm
handle variant

Olive, Pink, Coral, Lilac, Blue, Green, Grey, Black

knife block variant

Natural Oak, White Oak, Grey Oak, Dark Oak, without knife block

Made in Germany // Available only while stocks last


blade length: 21 cm
blade thickness: 3 mm
total length: 35 cm
weight: 215 g

blade length: 22 cm
blade thickness: 2 mm
total length: 35,5 cm
weight: 145 g

blade length: 16 cm
blade thickness: 2 mm
total length: 30 cm
weight: 142 g

blade length: 9 cm
blade thickness: 1 mm
total length: 21 cm
weight: 55 g

handle variants: TPE plastic or olive wood
material: Chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel (X 50 CrMoV 15)

Knife block

Height: 26,5 cm
Width: 9 cm
Weight: 3,35 kg
Colour: varnished for a grey oak look

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Germancut Icon Made in Solingen
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The FAVORITES knife set consists of a selection of excellent knives - included in the set: a classic chef's knife, a Japanese Santoku, a small and agile paring knife and a characteristic bread knife.

Germancut has determined the ideal blade shape for outstanding cutting results in an elaborate process, because working with our FAVORITES set and all our knives should be a pleasure and just as professional and enjoyable as the food prepared with the set.

That is why our knives and knife sets are manufactured with a great deal of expertise, meticulousness and attention to detail. The knives in our set are genuine workmanship - Made in Germany.


There is a perfect balance between the blade and the handle of our knives, which, in combination with the excellent ergonomics of our knives, ensures comfortable handling.

Our FAVORITES set offers a choice of handles made from striking, light olive wood from wild olive trees in the Mediterranean region and a TPE plastic in various colors specially developed for us.

The oak knife blocks matching the set are available in 4 different colors.

Germancut I Favorites Messer mit Tomaten und Beschriftung


The set and all knives in the FAVORITES series are forged using the traditional method, which thickens the steel and increases its strength enormously.

Additional forming creates a very fine structure, which has a positive effect on edge retention. To ensure that the blades of the FAVORITES knives are elastic and at the same time extremely resilient, they are quenched in oil and "ice-hardened" as blanks after forging. The right hardness and the fine grain give the knives in the knife set a high degree of sharpness.

The steel used for our knives is exclusively high-carbon chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel (X 50 CrMoV 15), which offers an optimum balance of rust resistance and edge retention.

The Favorites Set

Instead of bringing a whole range of different knives into your kitchen, why not equip it perfectly with our FAVORITES sets and the matching knife block made of high-quality oak.

Classic chef's knife meets Japanese Santoku, meets vegetable and bread knife. All forged in the old Solingen tradition and „ice-hardened“.

Germancut I forged using a traditional process - Hammer
Germancut I carbon chrome steel only - Messer mit Carbon-Klinge
Germancut I different Handles - Messergriffe
Germancut I available with matching knife Block - Messerbloecke
Alexander Tonn Inhaber Germancut



„At a time when the price is often the most important purchase criterion and many Asian products are flooding the market, we want to return to the strengths of the term „Made in Germany“.

Traditional production methods for cutlery and chef’s knives from Solingen with innovative, modern and yet timeless design – that’s what I founded the Germancut brand for. My experience from more than 16 years of successfully co-designing and developing excellent knife products and knife brands are the basis that helps me achieve just that. I would be delighted if I could convince you, too, of true value workmanship – „Made in Solingen“.“

Yours, Alexander Tonn
Owner of Germancut

BigBBQ Oliver Gawryluk

BigBBQ - Oliver Gawryluk

"Wer ein Messerset sucht, das alles hat und alles kann – und das zum fairen Preis: der sollte definitiv die FAVORITES in den Blick nehmen. Daumen hoch!“

Oliver Gawryluk alias „BigBBQ“ ist „Kult“-Blogger mit über 300.000 Grill-Fans auf Instagram – und absoluter Leidenschaft für beste Produkte.


This set is an enrichment for every kitchen. On request, the kitchen knife set is also available with a perfectly matching knife block - in olive wood, white or grey lacquered. There is a practical magnetic holder inside the oak block, which guarantees that the knife set sits securely and presents the perfectly shaped knives in style.

To knife block natural oak
To knife block dark oak
To knife block white
To knife block gray

Germancut Messerblock Favorites

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