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High-quality table knives with a blade made from special blade steel

Hollow-handled knives are made from two different metals which are welded together. The handle is made from the same material as the other components of the cutlery set, while the blade is made from a special blade steel. This blade steel ensures that the knife is exceptionally sharp and durable.

In order to ensure a perfect balance, the hollow handle is filled with various materials. For our T. FONTANE, F. V. SCHILLER and W. BUSCH cutlery sets this is a special cement, while a metal insert ensures perfect balance for J. S. BACH and T. STORM.
T. FONTANE, F. V. SCHILLER and W. BUSCH also have a tang which is located on the blade and is inserted into the handle. Owing to the fact that all knives are welded and not bonded, the two parts blend seamlessly into one another.

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