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Our W. BUSCH cutlery set is distinguished by its extremely beautifully curved silhouette and understated, elegant decoration. Tasteful design and functionality that meets the highest standards combined in one cutlery set.

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As all our cutlery is made exclusively from high-quality 18/10 stainless steel, it is resistant to corrosion and acids. In the sophisticated method used to produce our hollow-handled knives, the handle and blade are made separately and then the blade is inserted into the hollow handle for perfect balance. The blade’s special steel guarantees that it will remain sharp for a very long time and cut superbly.

All cutlery sets are suitable for the dishwasher (55 C). Cleaning by hand is gentler, especially for knives.

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32-teilig, 40-teilig

material: high-quality 18/10 stainless steel
surface: completely polished
knife: hollow staple knife with inserted blade, handle made of 18/10 stainless steel, blade made of special steel
material thickness: 2.5 (basic thickness related to menu spoon/fork in mm)
scope of delivery: 8x menu forks, 8x menu knives, 8x menu spoons, 8x coffee spoons and 8x cake forks


  1. Question: What is the difference between a steel-handled or hollow-handled knife and a monobloc knife?

Hollow-handled and steel-handled knives are put together from two different metals. The blade is made from a special blade steel and forms a perfect balance with the handle. Monobloc knives, on the other hand, are punched from a single piece of steel (generally simple 18/0 steel).

The benefit of hollow-handled and steel-handled knives in comparison with monobloc knives is their high quality and the resulting top quality edge retention, as well as their durability and sharpness.

  1. Question: What is special about a hollow-handled knife?

Hollow-handled knives are made from two different metals which are welded together. The handle is made from the same material as the other components of the cutlery set, while the blade is made from a special blade steel. This blade steel ensures that the knife is exceptionally sharp and durable.

In order to ensure a perfect balance, the hollow handle is filled with various materials. For our W. BUSCH cutlery set, this is a special cement which ensures perfect balance.

In addition, W. BUSCH has a tang which is located on the blade and is inserted into the handle. Owing to the fact that all knives are welded and not bonded, the two knife elements blend seamlessly into one another.

Germancut I made in solingen the city of blades
Germancut delivery in 2-3 working days
Germancut I free shipping within germany Versandkostenfrei in Deutschland
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To us, a feeling of home means: good food, a fine wine, stories we share and happy moments we remember for a long time to come.

Our exclusive cutlery sets are inspired by these moments and created for these moments. Every single cutlery set is made using the finest materials. Sophisticated production processes guarantee the outstanding quality of our cutlery and the different designs superbly accentuate personal style at the dinner table.

All of our cutlery is Made in Germany and has an individual, refined and stylish design which meets all requirements from classic to modern. Our sets are available as 32-piece sets or 40-piece sets with dessert fork.


The special thing about our cutlery sets is that every cutlery set comes with hollow-handled or steel-handled knives. Hollow-handled or steel-handled knives are higher quality than conventional monobloc knives because they are made from two different metals.

The handle on our knives is made from the same steel as the forks and the spoons in our cutlery sets, while the blade is made from special blade steel.

The benefit of blade steel is that the blades are tremendously sharp as a result, and at the same time are extremely durable. The seams where the knives are joined together are almost invisible in our sets thanks to the high-quality workmanship.

Beauty and quality

Beauty and quality - that's what our fine cutlery stands for.
They are inspired by the thought: You eat with your eyes. They owe their outstanding quality to the sophisticated manufacturing processes – "Made in Germany".

The T. FONTANE set

The T. Fontane set will impress you with its unique aesthetics. The slightly curved shape, where the cutlery pieces get narrower towards the center at the top, ensures balanced and comfortable handling. This cutlery has a classic, unassuming and timelessly modern design.

Germancut | T. Fontane
Germancut | J.S. Bach

The J. S. BACH set

With its subtle decoration, our J. S. BACH cutlery set is part of fine dining both in everyday life and on festive occasions. The knife blades are sharpened perfectly and cut even tough and stringy food cleanly and effortlessly.

The T. STORM set

The subtle, rounded tear shape of the T. STORM cutlery set makes a particularly elegant impression and also helps ensure extremely conformable handling. Whether classically combined with elegant crystal glasses and white china or with tasteful tableware in muted natural shades: the T. STORM cutlery set blends harmoniously into any table decoration.

Germancut | T. Storm
Germancut | H. Heine

The H. HEINE set

The meal forks, knives and spoons as well as the coffee spoons and cake forks of the H. HEINE cutlery set stand out thanks to their exceptional shape. The matt decoration on the cutlery handles in this set gives this cutlery an inimitable grip, and the steel-handled knife is robust and offers long-lasting sharpness.

The F. V. Schiller set

Our F. V. Schiller cutlery set combines traditional design and modern proportions in one cutlery set. The classic reed and ribbon pattern combined with the cutlery set’s slimline silhouette brings a touch of glamour and class to every table.

Germancut | F. Schiller
Germancut | W. Busch

The W. BUSCH set

Our W. Busch cutlery set is distinguished by its extremely beautifully curved silhouette and understated, elegant decoration. Tasteful design and functionality that meets the highest standards combined in one cutlery set.

About Germancut:

What drives us

„At a time when the price is often the most important purchase criterion and many Asian products are flooding the market, we want to return to the strengths of the term “Made in Germany.”

Traditional production methods for cutlery and chef's knives from Solingen with innovative, modern and yet timeless design – that's what I founded the Germancut brand for. My experience from more than 16 years of successfully co-designing and developing excellent knife products and knife brands are the basis that helps me achieve just that. I would be delighted if I could convince you, too, of true value workmanship - Made in Solingen.“

Yours, Alexander Tonn
Owner of Germancut

Alexander Tonn Inhaber Germancut

Our cutlery sets

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