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  • Paring knife: blade length 10 cm, total length 22.5 cm
  • Made in Germany/Solingen
  • Extremely long-lasting sharpness
  • Fits perfectly in the hand
  • Unique design
  • Easy to resharpen
  • Each knife is unique


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63 in stock

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PARINGLOVER: the must-have paring knife
It is so quick and easy to peel and cut up fruit and vegetables. Our PARINGLOVER ensures exact work and precise cuts. That is why this superb paring knife with an ergonomic handle and a blade made of Sandvik steel is also a MUST for every kitchen. Yours too?
The handle convinces with its outstanding ergonomics and is produced from fine bog oak.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Because the bog oak is a natural product, the colours vary from brownish to black.
The images are only intended as examples.

Additional information

Weight 0,7 kg
Dimensions 44 × 11 × 4 cm

Made in Germany // Available only while stocks last

blade length: 10 cm
blade thickness: 2 mm
total length: 22.5 cm
weight: 72 g
material: Sandvik steel 12C27 (59 Rockwell)
handle variant: bog oak


  1. Question: What is bog oak, exactly?

Bog oak wood is obtained from oak trucks that have been refined by nature itself over time – it is therefore not a separate type of wood but rather very old and valuable oak wood. The oak trunks have survived for thousands of years in wild bogs before they were discovered and are now worked to form our ergonomic knife handles after a slow and careful drying process. While the oak trunks lie hidden deep in the bog for thousands of years, the wood becomes coloured and hardened. This reaction provides the characteristic properties of the wood which set it apart and make it so valuable. The bog oak gets its intense black colour through this storage in the bog and has this to thank for its particularly refined appearance.

  1. Question: What is a DLC coating?

The diamond-like carbon treatment (DLC for short) is a diamond-like carbon coating and numbers among the amorphous carbon materials. It has some of the unique and characteristic properties of diamonds. The DLC coating is applied to the blades in order to further optimise their properties – for particular resistance to wear and for outstanding frictional and non-stick properties.

In addition to the increased resistance to wear, the look also benefits from the wafer-thin carbon layer because the blade becomes an unmistakeable black as a result of the surface treatment. This wonderful black knife blade stands for top quality.

  1. Question: Why is Sandvik 12C27 steel the perfect blade steel?

Sandvik 12C27 is the best rounded knife steel from the traditional Swedish company Sandvik, which has been setting continuously new standards in the steel industry and steel production for more than 150 years. The special Sandvik 12C27 steel stands out with its high hardness and tremendous sharpness, as well as impressing with its exceptional toughness and its outstanding edge performance and corrosion resistance. It guarantees optimal cutting performance and give the knife blade unbeatable sharpness and performance.

  1. Question: What does HRC stand for?

HRC denotes the Rockwell hardness and is the unit of measurement used to define the hardness of knife steel.

A soft blade shows signs of wear more quickly than a hard one, the wafer-thin cutting edge stays sharp for longer and has outstanding durability thanks to higher hardness. For this reason the quality of a knife is significantly dependent on the hardness of the knife steel.

Good kitchen knives – Made in Germany – are generally in the 55 to 57 HRC range. Outstanding kitchen knives, including ours, can even reach 59 HRC – this hardness is achieved by knives made from Sandvik 12C27 steel.

Germancut I made in solingen the city of blades
Germancut delivery in 2-3 working days
Germancut I free shipping within germany Versandkostenfrei in Deutschland
Igelbild Paringlover Paring Knife Kartoffel EN


The PARINGLOVER is a versatile kitchen tool and belongs in the standard equipment included in every knife set. A “paring knife” is defined as a knife with a form that enables good and precise work due to its very sturdy, short and somewhat stoutly shaped blade.

With its short blade, the paring knife is ideal for cutting vegetables, making decorations for the table and garnish for serving, and cleaning and chopping up foods. Its tasks can also include peeling tomatoes and fruit and even cutting meat. Germancut has adapted its unmistakable design to this type of knife and guarantees perfect handling.

Our kitchen and chef’s knives and our paring knives are superb, artfully manufactured items – Made in Germany – from the world-famous “City of Blades”, Solingen. The blade of the PARINGLOVER is made of high-performance, fine Sandvik steel, which gives the paring knife a hardness of 59 on the Rockwell scale.


The peeling or paring knife is available in two variants. You can receive the knife with an uncoated blade or, if you wish, with a high-quality diamond-like-carbon coating.

This extremely thin carbon layer optimises the blade’s properties, allowing it to withstand high stress. The special coating also ensures resistance to acids and bases, extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations, leads to high scratch resistance and ensures low friction values.

DLC technology is a finish enhancement that gives the paring knife’s blade an unmistakable look in black. Our PARINGLOVER thus possesses an incomparable design and incredible sharpness.

Igelbild Paringlover Paring Knife Feige EN
Igelbild Paringlover Paring Knife Birne EN


The handle of our high-quality paring knife also contributes to the Paringlover’s unique look. Fine dark bog oak (brownish to black) or striking light olive wood give the knife a perfectly rounded style.

Thanks to the use of natural wood, every handle and every one of our chef’s knives is a unique item – for the bog oak, pieces of oak are used that have survived in the bog for thousands of years, and the olive wood impresses with the expressive grain of wild-growing trees.


Icon Paringlover Paring Knife Unique EN
Icon Paringlover Paring Knife Klinge EN
Icon Paringlover Paring Knife Blade EN

About Germancut:

What drives us

„At a time when the price is often the most important purchase criterion and many Asian products are flooding the market, we want to return to the strengths of the term “Made in Germany.”

Traditional production methods for cutlery and chef's knives from Solingen with innovative, modern and yet timeless design – that's what I founded the Germancut brand for. My experience from more than 16 years of successfully co-designing and developing excellent knife products and knife brands are the basis that helps me achieve just that. I would be delighted if I could convince you, too, of true value workmanship - Made in Solingen.“

Yours, Alexander Tonn
Owner of Germancut

Alexander Tonn Inhaber Germancut

Die Paringlover Messer

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